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After a few very good years for our investments (2019,2020,2021) , we are closing 2022 with a loss of 10.1%. This corresponds roughly to the average of all pension funds in Switzerland. Bonds are down 15.6% and equities 19%. The shares of Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises (Swiss SMB) were the worst, with minus 25.2%, although this investment...

The performance of our Pension Fund as of 30 June 2022 is -9.4% due to the negative returns on global equity markets as well as the rising interest rates, leading to a negative performance of both equities and bonds.

The annual report 2021 is ready and can be downloaded. All members of our pension fund have received the report by email or post.

The benefits statements as of 1 January 2022 were sent out on 4th March by mail.

2021 was an overall positive investment year, and the pension fund achieved a total return of 6.7%. Due to the solid financial situation of the pension fund, the Board of Trustees decided to give an interest credit of 6% on the assets of active insured persons for 2021. The old-age and spouse pensioners receive a one-off bonus in the spring....

We would like to give you an update on various developments relating to the pension fund:

We are pleased to share our annual report for 2020 with you, highlighting the most relevant developments during the year 2020 and a preliminary status of 202. The report is available in the Download section