Investments - how we invest your assets

Update June 30th, 2022:

The performance of our Pension Fund as of 30 June 2022 is -9.4% due to the negative returns on global equity markets as well as the rising interest rates, leading to a negative performance of both equities and bonds.

As we have build up investment fluctuation reserves for negative market environments like the current one, we are still in a comfortable funding situation. As a long-term investor we have experienced difficult market situations before and are confident that markets will recover again.

Based on our relatively high equity allocation we have experienced rather volatile performance in the past. With the new investment strategy 2022 we expect less volatile returns in future.

Over the past 3 years we have come down from an equity allocation of 50% to 42% to 30% and increased our real estate holdings and bond allocation instead.

Ethos Engagement Pools (EEP) Switzerland and International

Our pension fund is a member of the two Ethos Engagement Pools (EEP) Switzerland and International and has been committed to sustainability (ESG) for several years.