Informations regarding the partial liquidation due to the restructurings within HPE, DXC and Microfocus


As a result of the restructuring at HPE, DXC and Microfocus, a considerable number of employees have left the companies and thus the Pension Fund Hewlett Packard Plus in recent years.

The Board of Trustees has therefore determined that the conditions for a partial liquidation are met and has commissioned its pension fund expert, Mercer Schweiz AG, to prepare a partial liquidation report.

In accordance with Article 9 of the Partial Liquidation Regulations, the Foundation must inform the active beneficiaries and pension recipients of the facts and the modalities of the partial liquidation, which is done by means of this letter.

The main points of the partial liquidation, which are described in detail in the "Report on the partial liquidation", are the following:

Ø The period of the restructuring in question is the following:

  • HPE: 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2018
  • DXC: 1.1.2018 to 31.3.2020
  • Microfocus: 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2018

Ø The key date for preparing the partial liquidation balance sheet is December 31, 2018 for the restructuring at HPE and Microfocus, and December 31, 2019 for DXC

Ø There have been no collective transfers to a new pension fund in accordance with the partial liquidation regulations, only individual departures. Therefore, no technical provisions and the fluctuation reserves are transferred.

  • There are no free funds, so no funds are distributed.
  • Neither the vested benefits of the active insured nor the current pensions of the retirees will be affected by the partial liquidation.

In accordance with Article 9 of the partial liquidation regulations, you have the opportunity to review the conditions of the partial liquidation within 30 days of receiving this letter and to object to the decision of the Board of Trustees.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Ms. Lydia Ackermann at the address below within 30 days of receiving this notification by post or email. She will coordinate the response process:

Mrs. Lydia Ackermann
Pension Fund Hewlett-Packard Plus
c / o Hewlett Packard Enterprise
New Winterthurerstrasse 99
8304 Wallisellen
Mobile +41 79 303 67 26

We understand that this may seem long and complicated to you. However, the pension fund is obliged to provide all beneficiaries with the necessary information in a transparent manner