HP Pensioners Association

We are an association under Swiss law, independent from the pension fund.

The society is exclusively for persons who are pensioners of the HP Pension Fund (Caisse de Pension des sociétés Hewlett-Packard en Suisse) of Switzerland.

The HP Pensioner's Association aims to:

  • Protect the interests of pensioners
  • Maintain a privileged communication with the pension fund
  • Foster contacts among the retirees
  • Maintain the relationship with the Hewlett-Packard companies in Switzerland.

Our General Assembly
is a joint Swiss event conducted in English

We feature local language subsections
At least two events per year are organized by the "Deutschschweizer Sektion" and the "Section de la Romandie"

Have a look at https://hp-pensioners-association.ch to see the calendar.

As a member, you will get full access to the site (event registration, member register etc.)

If you would like to become a member
please apply by filling the online application here: https://hp-pensioners-association.ch/appmem or
send a mail to application@hp-pensioners-association.ch  for further questions.

Membership Fee

The General Assembly has set the yearly contribution to CHF 50.-

We would appreciate welcoming you as a new member of our society and are sure you will not regret it.