Partner's pension

If you die, your surviving spouse/life partner (man or woman) and/or your children will generally receive benefits from the Pension Fund, e.g. a spouse pension, a partner's pension, children pension and a death capital.

Risk benefits are defined as Percentage of your insured salary. Please check your individual benefits statement to see your risk benefits.

Conditions for a Spouse/Partner's Pension

In general, the conditions for a spouse/partner's pension are as follows:

a. is either responsible for supporting one or more children, or
b. has attained age 40 and the marriage had lasted for at least three years. The duration of the partnership is acknowledged as years of marriage.

If the surviving spouse is more than ten years younger than the insured person and the marriage lasted less than ten years, the spouse's pension is re-duced by 1.5% of the full spouse's pension for every full or partial year exceeding the age difference of ten years.

Additional conditions for a partner's pension:

  • written notification of partner to pension fund prior to death
  • notarized support agreement
  • the insured person and the beneficiary are unmarried without legal reasons (i.e. already married)
  • a demonstrably fixed and exclusive relationship for at least three years immediately prior to the death, or responsible for the support of one or more joint children as a couple
  • beneficiary is not in receipt of any spouse's or partner's pension from any other occupational pension plan

Need for Action?

There is no need to do anything if you are married, your spouse will simply present the marriage certificate in case of your death.

There is no need to anything for children's pensions, as long as they are officially registred as yours, whether you are married or not or adopted children

If your are not married but live in a longterm partnership, please do the following:

  • please fill in the form and send it by email to
  • you need to sign a notarised support agreement. Please keep this document safe at home, we only need it in case of your death.