Disability pensioners

If you become disabled during your Membership with the HP Pension Fund, you might be eligible for a disability pension based on your insured salary until you reach retirement age.

As a disabilty pensioner, you are not an active member anymore. This has some implication to your benefits due to legal requirments:

  • voluntary purchases are not possible anymore
  • withdrawels (for home ownership etc.) are not possible anymore

Old-age savings capital

From the moment of your disability, the pension fund credits your savings capital annually with the contributions based on your age and on your insured salary before becoming disabled.
Additionally, your savings capital is credited with the annual interest rate decided by the pension fund board.

Therefore, your savings capital keeps growing during your disabilty.

Old-age pension

When you reach retirement age, your disabilty pension will stop and you will receive an old-age pension instead. This old-age pension is calculated the same way as for all old-age pensioners:

your old-age savings capital * conversion rate valid at the time of retirement

After becoming an old-age pensioner, the normal rules for old-age pensioners are valid.