There is a choice of contribution schemes, and you can decrease (or increase when you joinex before 2011) your individual savings contributions. The employer savings contributions are not affected by your choice of scheme.

To change the contribution scheme, please send an email to The change needs some time to be processed, and will take place only the month after the notification.

Our Pension Fund applies a defined contribution plan. This means contributions are deducted as a percentage from your insured salary and are shown on your monthly salary slip. They consist of saving and risk contributions.

Savings contributions

All savings contributions (i.e. employee and employer contributions) are paid into an individual old-age savings account bearing interest at a certain percentage rate. They depend on age, so you will see a change in deductions at January of the year when you enter a new age "bracket".
On retirement, you can have these savings either paid out in cash or converted into a pension (annuity). When you leave the company, the accumulated savings capital (portable benefits) are transferred into the pension fund of your new employer.

Risk contributions

In addition to the savings contribution, the employees and the employer pay an amount to e.g. finance the risk coverage, i.e. to cover the benefits the pension fund pays in case of disability or death. These amounts are fixed, as a % of the insured salary: the employee pays 1% and the employer pays 2%.